There are many opportunities out there that may help you in your real estate decisions and potentially save you a lot on money. Please review the following links and call or email me with any questions/comments.

Prop 60/90
  Prop 60/90 allows a homeowner, at least age 55, on their personal residence, to potentially transfer their Proposition 13 Tax Base to a new home within certain counties in California. Prop 60 is within the same county and Prop 90 is within cooperating counties. For detailed information, please click on the Prop 60/90 link. For forms, please click on the following link.  
Prop 60/90 Forms
Tax CREDIT for First Time or Move Up Buyers.
  Recently the "First Time Homeowner Tax Credit" (not owned a home for 3 years) has been extended and enhanced to include "Move Up Buyers". This is a TAX CREDIT, not a TAX DEDUCTION. Click on the link for additional information. Please call or email me with any additional questions and/or comments.  
Review/Pay or get detailed information about your property taxes.
Property Tax Reduction
  Recently, you should have received your property value assessment in the mail. Your property taxes are calculated using your Proposition 13 tax value. If you feel this value is higher than your home is worth (as of January 31st) you may request an informal review. Once you get the results of this informal review, if you don't agree with the County, you can file for a Formal Review. Click on the link for information on the process and important filing dates Again, if you have any questions/comments, please either email or call me. I'd be happy to give you a free evaluation of your property's value.